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Piano Repair and Restoration

No Job Too Big or Too Difficult
These photos are of a Blüthner grand, made in Leipzig, Germany, circa 1890, which was severely damaged in a fire. The piano required extensive re-veneering, restringing and refinishing as well as major action and damper work. We were fortunate to find a supply of pre-embargo Cuban mahogany that matched the old veneer perfectly. The unusual blue felt and other parts were obtained from the Blüthner factory in Leipzig. Despite major damage during WWII and years of communist rule, the company is still building high quality pianos and still owned and operated by the Blüthner family. We corresponded in German although I needn’t have bothered. Their English was probably better than my German.
before photo before photo
Before restoration
in progress in progress
Restoration in progress
after photo after photo
After restoration


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